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R&W Environmental

R&W Environmental creates operational efficiencies within the R&W group of companies by providing vehicles, plant and equipment plus drivers and plant fitters – for use on our projects and on those of our clients.

R&W Environmental also manages our innovative and proprietary wet-waste recycling plants. Wet waste delivered by R&W and other businesses to our recycling centre is processed for reuse. The water recovered through the waste processing is cleaned to river quality and is then reused by our clients. The soils are then treated to remove any contaminated residues, generating a BS3883-compliant topsoil. This material is  then reused on a wide range of civil engineering schemes. Our depot also recycles dry, inert waste from our sites. The material is processed in various ways to produce soil and aggregates to meet client specifications.

R&W Environmental helps us and our clients to work more sustainably transporting materials and waste through streamlining routes, combining transportation and minimising journey times.

Not only are we reducing our industry’s carbon footprint by transporting waste for customers, we are making our roads more sustainable through increased recycling and the reuse of materials; and contributing towards the goal of zero waste to landfill.

Services include:

  • Plant and equipment hire
  • Driver and operator hire
  • Haulage
  • Waste transportation and disposal
  • Recycling of dry and wet waste
  • Sale of recycled materials
  • Concrete provision
  • Versabloc provision

Risk management is at the heart of everything we do and underpins the R&W Way (the celebrated behaviours which we all embrace), helping to keep those impacted by our work safe, always showing respect and consistently delivering great service to our customers.

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