Employer and Contractor of Choice


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R&W Way

Our goal is to be the “employer and contractor of choice”. We will achieve this by collectively living our values and consistently applying an agreed set of behaviours that drive forward excellence in safety and effective risk management.


Our vision, values and golden rules form part of our organisational ethos that we call “The R&W Way”. This encompasses how we do what we do, flows across the business in every direction and ensures that our safety and excellence-focused culture remains consistent across all our companies, business operations and all our sites and offices.

Effective communication helps to bring all our employees and other stakeholders together to drive forward the R&W Way. We emphasise and encourage continual improvement – propelled by staff and inspired by their ideas and suggestions. We reward staff for innovative thinking, for “going the extra mile” and for championing safety.

We use a number of communication methods to undertake regular structured reviews and obtain feedback from our people. This is then measured to help us understand how engaged and satisfied our people are as well as enabling us to target ways to improve. We also use these forms of engagement to help us maintain a motivated, driven and committed workforce who are highly productive and deliver superb customer service every time.

Recent surveys revealed how our staff define our culture:

• We collaborate effectively as one friendly, supportive and family-like team
• We feel happy and challenged at work and try to make each day fun
• We are adaptable and innovative; and we continually look for ways to improve what we do
• We are all passionate about our work and extremely committed to our business
• We always deliver and we do it professionally and safely

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