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Avonmouth Bridge


Having completed Phase 1 in 2018, R&W’s contract was extended through to Phase 2, proving an increased measure of confidence in R&W’s competence in the structures maintenance field.

Avonmouth Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Phase 2 kicked off in April 2019 with a team of specialist contractors performing inspections to existing bridge components for a weld repair package.

Phase 2 included:

Inspections, tests and load verifications to 560 individual post-tensioning strands.

Principal inspections of three permanent maintenance gantries, all of which will need to be lowered to the ground and components disassembled for non-destructive testing (NDT) and refurbishment.

Condition inspection and recertification of approximately 5,500m of gantry runway beams. Peregrine Falcons were nesting within the bridge structure which added some constraints to the works, this gave the team an opportunity to learn more about this type of challenge.

With Phase 2 completing in 2019, the New Year saw the 3rd phase of Avonmouth Bridge works unfold.

Phase 3 includes the principal inspection and remediation of the critical components of the central post tensioning system installed within the East and West box girders which R&W is delivering alongside Praeter Engineering.

Preliminary works are underway leading to the removal of protective wax surrounding each of the seven wire strands which make up each tendon. There are 80 tendons, meaning there are 560 wire strands which will all be checked. All components in the central post tensioning system will be visually surveyed and reports drafted.

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