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R&W support St. Mary’s Fire Station


Day in and day out members of the fire brigade put their lives on the line, and many of the things they witness and experience can be devastating.

R&W Environmental assisted St. Mary’s Fire Station in Southampton to create their own reflection garden – a much needed place where the fire fighters can retreat to, ultimately helping to support their emotional well-being.

The reflection garden is being built on a steep slope, so we went along with equipment, machines and expertise to create a supporting underground wall.

Team E used TVCBs (Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers), a digger and a HIAB (loader crane) to build the underground wall and grade up the ground behind the reflection garden area. We also provided two additional TVCBs to assist with St. Mary’s Fire Stations road traffic collision training.

Thank you to everyone for helping to make the reflection garden a reality.

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